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How to recover deleted Photos/Screenshots on OPPO smartphone?

by saba

Have you ever lost data on your OPPO smartphone?

Are you looking for the simplest way to recover accidentally deleted or lost photos and screenshots?

If you answered “yes,” then this is the post for you. This blog will inform you of the simplest and fastest way to complete the task.

Customers who have used OPPO smartphones are extremely pleased with the company. OPPO’s performance is excellent, and users can select OPPO series products based on their specific requirements.

OPPO is the brand known for having the best camera phones

We believe that no matter how satisfactory this phone is and how strong the configuration is, accidents can happen, such as the accidental deletion of important data in the phone.

Valuable data in the phone may be lost while using OPPO for a variety of reasons. Please do not be alarmed if important data on our mobile phone is lost. With the help of this blog, you will be able to select the best method for recovering lost or deleted data in OPPO.

The 3 best methods to recover deleted screenshots and photos are given below. You can choose a method that you will find convenient.

Method 1:

Use Google Drive to Restore Data:

  • If the data you need to restore is stored in Google Drive, this method will assist you in restoring the
  • data from Google Drive to the OPPO phone.
  • Connect your phone with Wi-Fi.
  • Open your Google account or log in to the account.
  • Now, choose the device where you want the backup.
  • Press restores to get the screenshots and photos back into your phone.

Method 2:

Restore data from OPPO cloud:

OPPO Cloud is a cloud storage service developed by OPPO specifically for its mobile phone users.
You can store your videos, photos, contacts, and other important data from any OPPO phone to
OPPO Cloud. This method will assist you in restoring backup data from OPPO Cloud to your OPPO
phone. So, if you use this method, please ensure that you have the necessary backup in OPPO Cloud.

· Enable the OPPO cloud on your phone.
· Log in to the OPPO cloud with your OPPO account.
· Opt the file that you want to restore on the OPPO phone.
· Chose “restore” for the data recovery.
· Make sure the battery of your OPPO smartphone is more than 50%.

Method 3:

Recover data directly from OPPO phone:

Many OPPO users, according to the survey, lose their mobile phone data if they do not have a
backup. If you are one of these users, this method is ideal for you. This method assists users in
resolving the issue of recovering lost or deleted data from OPPO smartphone without a backup.
This method requires the assistance of OPPO Data Recovery. OPPO Data Recovery is a must-have
tool for complete data recovery. With its assistance, you can almost always recover all lost and deleted data from OPPO phones. And the compatibility of OPPO Data Recovery is excellent. It is compatible with the vast majority of android phones.

· Download OPPO data recovery on your phone.
· Install the app.
· Go to the software page and select “Android Data Recovery”.
· With the help of a USB cable, connect the phone to the PC.
· On the phone enable USB debugging.
· Check the recoverable file types.
· Select if you want to recover the photos.
· Press next.
· Choose the pictures or screenshots you want to recover.
· Press recover and your data will be restored.

Bottom line:

If you want to recover deleted screenshots and photos, don’t worry. You now have three options for
recovering lost or deleted screenshots from your Android phone; please select your preferred
method to help you restore deleted screenshots.
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